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Usefull tips for your Shower Door Project

Hopefully your visiting our website before your new construction or remodel. That way you can take advantage of some tips we've learned over the many years of installing frameless glass shower doors. Although we are able to fabricate glass panels to practically any shape and size, there are mechanical and asthetic limitations that, if not properly planned for, make a difference in the overall finished product.
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frameless glass shower door threshold
The picture to the right shows the threshold of a frameless glass shower door. This is the part you step over when you enter the shower. You should always use a continuous material like marble, granite or some other solid surface material. Most people use the same material as their  vanity top, shower shelves, or a shower bench. It should be set level from side to side but it is very important to pitch it in towards the shower drain. It is never a good idea to tile this area because the pitch of the tile can vary from tile to tile. Plus the sweeps that we install on the botom of the shower door do not work well when they pass over the different grout joints that you comonly have with tile.
frameless glass shower door neo angle improperly constructed
This picture is an example of how you DON'T want to do a neo angle shower enclosure. In this particular case the opening between the 2 kneewalls is about 26". The kneewalls should be finished square to the opening on the door not angled as they are here. This poses a problem because the hinge side of the frameless glass shower door actually swings in when the handle side of the door swings out. When the walls are angled in this way, the door would bind on the wall and not open. Usually we can remedy this by extending out the fixed panels that sit on the kneewalls and cutting them like a flag so that a narrow piece of glass could extend down to the bottom of the door. However in this case  because the opening is about 26", there is not enough room to do that. This customer actually had to have the sides of the walls redone so that a proper frameless glass shower door could be done.
diagram of shower door threshold installation
This illustration relates to the first tip where we discussed the importance of using one solid
piece for the threshold. As stated earlier it is very important that the threshold under the frameless glass shower door be level from left to right but the inside edge should be slightly lower than the outside edge. This is so the water will run back in towards the shower and not out on the bathroom floor. There are so many times that we go to measure for a frameless glass shower door installation and we find the threshold is pitched away from the shower floor. A lot of contractors tell us that they were sure it was properly pitched when they installed it. Some times they settle on their own before the adhesive dries. A good way to ensure this does not happen and an easy way to set the threshold quickly and perfectly is to follow these instructions.
Step 1
Have the threshold material cut to length and ready to set.
Step 2
Drive one of the inside nails (I think sheetrock nails work the best) as low as it can go but still be higher than any other point on the shower threshold base.

Step 3
Drive the other inside nail down to a height that is exactly level with the top of the first inside nail. To do this, just keep setting a level across the tops of the two nails until it reads  level.
Step 4
Drive one of the outside nails down but leave it a little higher than the inside nail. About 1/8" is usually good enough.
Step 5
Drive the other outside nail down until it is exactly level with the other outside nail.
Step 6
Carefully set the precut threshold on top of the four nails. If this is done correctly the threshold should not rock at all on the nails. If it does just remove it and tap a nail down until it does not rock any more.
At this point when the shower threshold is sitting on the nails and not rocking check that it is level from side to side and that it is pitched in toward the shower floor. If you have it perfect you are ready to set the thresold in some thin-set. I like to mix the thin-set to a thick pancake batter like consistantsy and squish it down until it rest firmly on the heads of the four nails. Thats it. Just walk away and the next day it should be perfect.
bottle of crl surface protectant
magic eraser
I am always asked " whats the best thing to use to clean my frameless glass shower doors?" Well in most cases any regular glass cleaner should do the job. However, the best practice is to squeege or wipe off any standing water after the shower is used. When water is left to dry on the glass any impurities in the water get left behind on the glass as soap scum or mineral deposits. These deposits can be difficult to remove if the glass is untreated. Thats why we offer upgrades to our glass like Showerguard glass or Endurshield. Most of the time customers choose not pay extra so we can also provide a surface protectant pictured here at a very low cost that the customer can apply themselves as often as needed. Also, the Magic Eraser by MR Clean is effective at cleaning stubborn stains and is available in most stores.